by Melissa James Gibson – Directed by Jeremy Wechsler – Scenic Design by Roger Wykes – Costume Design by Samantha Jones – Lighting Design by Mike Durst – Props by Sarah Ross

  • Role Scenic Designer
  • For Theater Wit
  • Date 2011

Jean-Pierre (Steve Hadnagy), Tom (John Byrnes), Jane (Rebecca Spence), Alan (Mitchell J Fain) and Merrill (Lily Mojekwu) discuss their friendship, love, and "this."

Jane (Rebecca Spence) and Tom (John Byrnes) "didn't mean for 'this' to happen."

Jane (Rebecca Spence), Merrill (Lily Mojekwu) and Alan (Mitchell J Fain) baptise Henry.

Tom (John Byrnes), Merrill (Lilly Mojekwu), Alan (Mitchell J Fain) and Jane (Rebecca Spence) deal with death and birth.

Model for "This"